Forever Days

Today is another Song Styles Saturday. This is a new song in both lyrics and music. I wrote the lyrics yesterday and just finished the music this morning. The song is in Memory of My Brother-in-Law, Victor Campbell who passed away last Sunday. I knew Victor for almost 20 years. I knew him to beContinue reading “Forever Days”

How Sweet the Sound

By Keith Broyles Well, it is another Song Style Saturday. I have several songs I could put on here, but I really felt led to talk about “Amazing Grace.” The hymn is arguably the best known and favorite hymn of Christians everywhere. I don’t know that is THE favorite hymn, but it is A favorite.Continue reading “How Sweet the Sound”

Who Made the Move?

Today is Saturday and that means this is the day I bring you a new song. I haven’t written it yet, but I have an original tune in mind for this. Hopefully I will get the tune done quickly. Earlier this week I ran across something I had heard before, “If God seems far away,Continue reading “Who Made the Move?”

Faith's the Key

It is another “My Song Saturday.” These are new lyrics I just completed this morning. The lyrics are to the tune of: “I’m Gonna Live Forever” by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. I hope you enjoy Faith’s the Key Let’s give praise to JesusHe came and lived like one of usOn a cross He diedContinue reading “Faith's the Key”

He Wants Me

I am getting to the point that I love Saturdays more now than ever. When I started My Song Saturday, it was a way to share some of my music. It also keeps me writing. I know Saturday is coming and I need to have something ready. In that way, it is just like Sunday.Continue reading “He Wants Me”

We Will Sing Praise (Psalm 13)

Psalm 13[a] For the director of music. A psalm of David. 1 How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?    How long will you hide your face from me?2 How long must I wrestle with my thoughts    and day after day have sorrow in my heart?    How long will my enemy triumph over me? 3 Look on me and answer, LordContinue reading “We Will Sing Praise (Psalm 13)”

Sitting on the Premises

Welcome to another “My Song Saturdays.” I have a lot of fun with these posts. For now, on Saturday mornings I am sharing some of the lyrics I have written. When I run out of songs (if I run out) I may share some of the lyrics that have touched my heart or some ofContinue reading “Sitting on the Premises”

I Love to Hear it in My Ears

Hello Saturday! I love Saturday morning. It would be better if the TV networks would have left Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner. But times change. Last week I told you I was going to start sharing the lyrics and if there is a story behind the lyrics I wrote. I see it as aContinue reading “I Love to Hear it in My Ears”