Dance Girl Dance

It is another My Song Saturday. I had several things on my plate so I didn’t get a song written again this week but I have a few you haven’t seen before and this is one of them. Right after my youngest granddaughter, Sydney, was born in January, many of you will remember she gaveContinue reading “Dance Girl Dance”

We Search for God

Hear the birds, sing songs bright Can’t hear God, in day or night God speaks we hear not with ears Is God near? We search for God in how we feel, Don’t taste God in the meal, We breathe and try to smell, God’s near, and my soul is well Eyes that try fail toContinue reading “We Search for God”

Sighs too Deep for Words

Today is Song Saturday. Each Saturday I bring you a poem or song lyrics from either an original poem/lyrics or perhaps from another poet/lyricist. Most weeks I have done fairly well at bringing original work. Today’s post is also original work. Earlier this week, as I was working on something else I happened on RomansContinue reading “Sighs too Deep for Words”

Faith's the Key

It is another “My Song Saturday.” These are new lyrics I just completed this morning. The lyrics are to the tune of: “I’m Gonna Live Forever” by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. I hope you enjoy Faith’s the Key Let’s give praise to JesusHe came and lived like one of usOn a cross He diedContinue reading “Faith's the Key”

He Wants Me

I am getting to the point that I love Saturdays more now than ever. When I started My Song Saturday, it was a way to share some of my music. It also keeps me writing. I know Saturday is coming and I need to have something ready. In that way, it is just like Sunday.Continue reading “He Wants Me”