We Must Be Kind

As I said yesterday, I have had concern for the past couple of years about the way we treat each other. It seems to me that it is easier today to see people being unkind to one another than to find those who spread kindness. I want to live in a kinder world. I wantContinue reading “We Must Be Kind”

Shedding Tears

Today is a painful day for my family. We lay my brother-in-law, Victor Campbell to rest. His life was hard at times. He was not ashamed to tell people he was a recovering alcoholic and I put the emphasis on recovering. Victor made a lot of mistakes in this life. He paid a heavy priceContinue reading “Shedding Tears”

Open My Eyes So I May See

Yesterday, I started Thinking about “Song Styles Saturday,” my mind still thinking about the death of George Floyd and the plight of my African-American friends in situations I take for granted. I have thought often this week about with my friend Gilbert, a man of African-American descent. We were attending a retreat. He needed aContinue reading “Open My Eyes So I May See”

Dance Girl Dance

It is another My Song Saturday. I had several things on my plate so I didn’t get a song written again this week but I have a few you haven’t seen before and this is one of them. Right after my youngest granddaughter, Sydney, was born in January, many of you will remember she gaveContinue reading “Dance Girl Dance”