Let’s Sing: Carol of the Bells

Today we continue our Advent/Christmas series titled “Let’s Sing.” This is our 15th song of the series. For easy reference to the remainder of the series, please see the index, “Let’s Sing” at http://revbroyles.me/2020/12/06/lets-sing/. Hark how the bellsSweet silver bellsAll seem to sayThrow cares away Christmas is hereBringing good cheerTo young and oldMeek and theContinue reading “Let’s Sing: Carol of the Bells”

Let’s Sing: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

This is the first post in the blog series Let’s Sing. To find the other posted Carols of the season, see the index, https://revbroyles.me/2020/12/06/lets-sing/ Come, Thou long expected JesusBorn to set Thy people free;From our fears and sins release us,Let us find our rest in Thee.Israel’s strength and consolation,Hope of all the earth Thou art;DearContinue reading “Let’s Sing: Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”

What Would It Look Like?

42 The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the community, to their shared meals, and to their prayers. 43 A sense of awe came over everyone. God performed many wonders and signs through the apostles. 44 All the believers were united and shared everything. 45 They would sell pieces of property and possessions and distribute the proceeds to everyone whoContinue reading “What Would It Look Like?”

Election Day

Election Day It’s election day. We have seen way too much of politics. I am a political scientist by education. I am overdosing on politics. I have cast my ballot. The polls don’t close for several hours. Vote counting, some say could go on for weeks. Sometime ago I heard about two men in aContinue reading “Election Day”

We Need to Get it Right

Today’s post is an experiment. I am still playing around with somethings and trying to learn as I go. Today’s post is a video post. While I will probably continue to do some written posts, I thought this might be interesting to do as well. I hope you enjoy it. 6 Yet true godliness with contentmentContinue reading “We Need to Get it Right”