Let’s Sing: O Come, All Ye Faithful

Today we continue our Advent/Christmas series titled “Let’s Sing.” This is our sixth song of the series. For easy reference to the remainder of the series, please see the index, “Let’s Sing” at http://revbroyles.me/2020/12/06/lets-sing/. Jesus was born into controversy when King Herod learned of the birth of the King of the Jews from the MagiContinue reading “Let’s Sing: O Come, All Ye Faithful”

Yesterday in Six “Fs”

16 Rejoice always. 17 Pray continually. 18 Give thanks in every situation because this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 19 Don’t suppress the Spirit. 20 Don’t brush off Spirit-inspired messages, 21 but examine everything carefully and hang on to what is good. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-21, Common English Bible) Yesterday was the day we need to thank God for what we have. As IContinue reading “Yesterday in Six “Fs””

Thirty Days of Gratitude – Thankful for Neighbors

10 So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteously and does not love other believers does not belong to God. Love One Another 11 This is the message you have heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 12 We must not be likeContinue reading “Thirty Days of Gratitude – Thankful for Neighbors”

Joy in a Simple Hamburger -Copenhagen, Denmark

And I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city.” (Isaiah 1:26, English Standard Version). I have been to many cities in my life. Some I have really liked, some not so much. I spent sixContinue reading “Joy in a Simple Hamburger -Copenhagen, Denmark”

Silence, Be Still???

35 Later that day, when evening came, Jesus said to them, “Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake.” 36 They left the crowd and took him in the boat just as he was. Other boats followed along. 37 Gale-force winds arose, and waves crashed against the boat so that the boat was swamped. 38 But Jesus was in theContinue reading “Silence, Be Still???”

Five Smooth Stones

40 He then grabbed his staff and chose five smooth stones from the streambed. He put them in the pocket of his shepherd’s bag and with sling in hand went out to the Philistine. 41 The Philistine got closer and closer to David, and his shield-bearer was in front of him. 42 When the Philistine looked David over,Continue reading “Five Smooth Stones”

Stretching and Reaching

13 Brothers and sisters, I know that I have not ·yet reached that goal, but there is one thing I always do. Forgetting the ·past and stretching and reaching forward to what is ahead, 14 I keep ·trying to reach the goal and get the prize for which God called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:13-14, Expanded Bible) As I startedContinue reading “Stretching and Reaching”

Is it Really Gone?

Don’t look at my sins.    Erase them all.10 God, create a pure heart in me,    and make my spirit strong again.11 Don’t push me away    or take your Holy Spirit from me.12 Your help made me so happy.    Give me that joy again.    Make my spirit strong and ready to obey you.13 I will teach the guilty how you want them to live,    and theContinue reading “Is it Really Gone?”

Opening Blind Eyes

by Keith Broyles From time to time I get on writing.com. You can find different things to help with writing,com, including writing prompts and writing challenges and contests. But I always feel challenged there. Writing from the tags for the Though I have never won’t any of the few I seen there, I still enjoyContinue reading “Opening Blind Eyes”

Escape From Past Island

A Guest Post by Ms. April Yarber Of all my friends who are being so generous with their time during these few weeks, donating a guest post, April is my newest fan. We are Facebook friends and have never actually met face to face. We met, as much as you can meet on Facebook becauseContinue reading “Escape From Past Island”