The Knock-Off Jesus

Well, today was one of THOSE days. When we reached the point in the service where I began the service, I couldn’t find my notes, I couldn’t find my manuscript, and I really didn’t try to find my PowerPoint. But, I knew the PowerPoint was also in the master PowerPoint for the whole service. AsContinue reading “The Knock-Off Jesus”

Kindness from the Listening Ear

3 Don’t be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves. (Philippians 2:3, Contemporary English Version). I have made it no secret that I love TED talks. I decided on this particular TED talk because I have been talking about kindness for the past week or so and this particular TEDContinue reading “Kindness from the Listening Ear”

Prayers for Schools

2020 has been a year like no other. I am hearing a lot of people saying, “I can’t wait for that ball to drop in Time’s Square to bring 2021.” I have no idea if 2021 will be better than 2020 or not and honestly, I am not worried about it either. The 2020-2021 schoolContinue reading “Prayers for Schools”

Hidden Treasures

A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use. That’s how it is with us. There are many of us, but we each are part of the body of Christ, as well as part of one another. (Romans 12:4-5, Contemporary English Version) A body is made up ofContinue reading “Hidden Treasures”

Seared Into My Memory

By Jerome Brimmage I went to seminary with Jerome Brimmage. Jerome was a year ahead of me but we did have opportunities for conversation and fellowship. I can’t remember the churches in Jerome’s early career but in the more recent years he has served in Mineola Texas and Cypress Texas. He currently is pastor atContinue reading “Seared Into My Memory”

Seeing Jesus Part 1

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6, English Standard Version) I have always enjoyed pictures of Jesus. The picture above is a particular favorite. It is a favorite because I remember it hanging in our house whenContinue reading “Seeing Jesus Part 1”

It’s God’s Fault

The Lord won’t always reject us 32 He causes a lot of suffering, but he also has pity because of his great love.33 The Lord doesn’t enjoy sending grief or pain. (Lamentations 3:31-33, Contemporary English Version) I am once again in a book of the Bible I have never preached from or really studied. There shouldContinue reading “It’s God’s Fault”

Don’t Mess with Dinner

27 But if you eat the bread and drink the wine in a way that isn’t worthy of the Lord, you sin against his body and blood. 28 That’s why you must examine the way you eat and drink. 29 If you fail to understand that you are the body of the Lord, you will condemn yourselves by the wayContinue reading “Don’t Mess with Dinner”